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Digital Art by DonEc

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The images below are thumbnail links to full size images of my work. I have always wondered if I could paint but it is quite expensive to paint especially if you don't know if you can make your painting look anything like you want it to look. So I never put any effort into it. Then I found "Digitoils by Al Dawson" and that inspired me to give digital art a try. I looked at what he said was his first attempt and thought maybe I could try and do something almost that good. The results of that effort can be seen in the image named "Home". From there I had several failed experiments. However, I finally got some pieces done that I am proud to say are mine. Digital art is different from painting by hand. One difference I like is that it allows you to create an image and then repeat that image in many paintings quite easily. Example if you create a tree with the bark and leaves you like then you can use the same tree anywhere you like. You can also combine these images making totally new images. This make the work of painting easier and to me more rewarding. Editing your work is also easier with digital art as you work in layers and as you change a layer you see the results immediately and can undo with just a click of the mouse. The work shown here was all done with PaintShop Pro. In the near future I hope to place a tutorial on this site that takes one of my images from the hand sketch all the way through to completion step by step.
Alien Landscape to Earth
Swamp in Oil
Mountains Old
Autumn View
Nude on the Beach
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