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Hideaway by DonEc

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Hideaway image

Hideaway was my most difficult piece to do. Many years ago around 1960 to 1962 I went on a trip through the Ozark Mountains. At one point when I looked back over my right shoulder I saw this cabin setting in a clearing with a small creek running beside the cabin. There were no roads that I could see and I wondered how anyone got there. Since my father was driving he was not able to see the scene. That scene stayed in my mind for many years and when I was thinking of painting I always wanted to recreate it. Well I never painted it but once I felt comfortable enough with my ability to make scenes look the way I wanted them to I decided to try and recreate this little peace of hidden heaven. I started out with nothing more than a memory and made a crude sketch of what I remembered. It took over thirty layers and more than a year to complete. It really does look just as I remember it except for the cabin. As I remember it the cabin was not a very inviting place so I took a little "Artistic Privilege" and changed the cabin into a nice house. I also elected to leave out the metal guardrail that was at the side of the road as it seemed to spoil the image. This is the result of that glance over my shoulder on a south bound road in the Ozark Mountains.


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