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Newest Reviews

1.   WordWeb by DonEc
WordWeb is the absolute best single free program I have found.

2.  3DPlus Review by DonEc
3DPlus is a very easy program to work with. I have used it to create all my 3 dimensional text.
Free High Quality Programs, that is what this web site is about.

There are list of such programs along with short descriptions and ratings for each program. The ratings are my opinion of the quality of the program with consideration being given to areas like how intuitive the program is, ease of use, ability to preform the task intended and cost. I add the cost because there may be  some programs here that even though they are not free they are so reasonably priced that the difference is mute.

As I find reviews or find the time to write the reviews on these high quality programs I will make them available for you on this site.

Many of the programs you find here will be what is called Open Source software. This site is one of the ways I support the Open Source movement. The Open Source movement is run by people out of their homes that desire to make high quality programs and get the recognition from their peers for their abilities. They are not interested in making money from the programs. They do not have any corporate agenda or shareholder to answer to causing them to push a product into production. They put a product into production when it is at a point they believe is good enough to use. The  reaction of the public and their peer's feedback tell them if it needs more work and they don't have to wait until some committee says here is the money to do the work they just do it when they have the time.

Some of the free high quality programs you will find in this site are programs that have reached a point that there is no longer any need to make changes to the program as it does everything the author wanted it to do and does it well. Allowing the author to move on to other things and to stop supporting that particular program. Also some of the programs here may be older programs that still work but the owner has lost interest and moved on. For these kind of programs again there is no support but why would you need support if the program is simple enough and intuitive enough to work for you.

Over the years I have searched and found many programs that can only be considered as being very well made and that are in some ways better than many commercial programs. While having the added advantage of being free.

Bandwidth Theft

Linking to images or other content on a site that is not yours is called "Bandwidth Theft" by the process of Hot Linking.  This is considered very wrong and can cost the website's owner money and in some cases cause the site to be shut down.  It is also not a safe practice as you can never be sure that the image or the content you hot linked to didn't get changed and in it's place on your site is now something illegal, like pornography.

There are ways to get legal and good content for your site.  The content on my site is all copyright protected but by following a few simple terms and conditions you can use almost every thing you find here free of cost.  Since there is a limit on bandwidth from my server (which in some manner is limited by all host I have heard of) I am concerned about this topic.

How to link to content and how not to link to them.... 
You may not link directly content found on this site. All content must be downloaded to your hard drive. Then uploaded to your website server.  If you link directly to any site with out permission, you are committing Bandwidth Theft.

Learn more about bandwidth theft at:
What is Bandwidth or Don't Even Think About It

For backgrounds your background tag should look like this:
<BODY background=[your web server image location] image.jpg>
but NOT like this:
<BODY background=[my url]/images/image.jpg>