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About Me

I have spent my life learning and teaching myself. I built my first AM radio from scratch at 15 years of age out of loose parts my father gave me. When I finished it he said "Now make it FM" and I did. I am retired from government service where I worked as a Naval Technical Representative where I worked with aircraft systems like weapons control, radar, navigation, radio, displays (similar to TV among others) and of course computers. I went aboard ships on short notice to either show the Naval technicians how to repair systems that had problems that went beyond their training or had problems that didn't have engineering solutions yet. I also went where ever the Navy needed training in one of my fields whether it was for systems, test stations, modular components or individual electronic components on theory or practical application to beginner, intermediate or advanced technicians. Needless to say this has led to a lot of world travel which has had a great effect on my personality and point of view.

I got my introduction into home computers and programming in 1974. I bought a video game called a Bally Arcade. It was just a simple game but it came with a keypad like a phone keypad and a cartridge that allowed simple programming from the keypad in basic. I never really did much but play with the programming, but it got me interested in the computer age. My next computer was a Vic 20. I built my first PC 8086 in about 1980 or 83. I built many other computers over the years both professionally and for self use. I have taught electronics and computer theory both professionally and as a hobby. In the past I have had my own network of computers consisting of 5 or more computers most built by me.

I have had a active presence online since 1993. I have been building websites without any HTML training for free since the mid 90's.

My hobbies include computers, woodworking, silver smithing, lapidary, and digital art. I built this site and bought my domain name to give people a way to utilize the Internet without having to pay homage to the "Great Money Chasers". I want people to try and learn to do things they like just because they like to do it. I also want them to share what they do freely as I do. Yes I'll have people come around and take advantage of me and anyone that follows my lead will also. But that doesn't need to change me or why I do what I do.