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Easy Life with Firefox by DonEc
A solution is exactly what I found. Allowing me to have the best web browser with the best web tools and easy restoration after problems rolled into one.

Here is how I recommend setting up Firefox in Windows. Open Firefox using the profile manager. The current version does not provide a shortcut to open the profile manager so....

Why you need to learn CSS.
Using CSS you can have the advantages of Frames without the disadvantages. Further web sites created with CSS are faster, more flexible, better structured making it easier for the spiders to work with them giving you a more spider friendly site, CSS provides a more interesting set of tools to make your site more interesting and professional looking with less work.

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Trellian WebPage Tip

When you want to add some code to a page, like a counter or maybe an HTML link, if while in the editor mode, you place your cursor at the point you wish the item you are inserting to be. Then type a couple of letters like "rr". Then switch to the source mode you will find the cursor next to the letters you typed. This makes it easy to insert your code and have it appear where you want it to. Hopefully you have already placed the code you want in the clipboard by copying it. Once your cursor is in the right place in the source (next to your letters) hit the back space key to remove the letters you typed and then hold down "Ctrl" and press "v". This paste what ever was in the clipboard into the place you cursor was. Go to preview mode to see the results then go to the editor mode and save the page again.

Safer images with GIMPshop:
You can create safer images by placing the word "stolen" in the image in a manner that ruins the image. Then use a transparent image to make the word "stolon" disappear. Then you can place a copyright statement over the image that does not obstruct image very much that would be visible if someone used print screen to steal the image. To learn more about this process click on this "follow these instructions" link.

Making seamless background tiles:
Created current Best Web Stop home page, using no tables just CSS with TopStyle and NVU for XHTML.

Want a free no cost website, free web templates, graphics and programs you have come to the right place. I also provide articles, tips, instruction and reviews on almost anything web.

For those that just don't want to make a site for themselves I also offer a low cost solution to having a presence on the web.

Some exciting and big changes are in the wind for the web and the web developers. It is my intention to be right in the middle of these changes. I will not try and claim to be on the cutting edge as that is not the most productive place to be. Instead I am trying to help in practical ways, keep you my visitors informed and save you money. The boxes on each side of this page have information in them that will be changing rather often in the hopes there will be something new and interesting each time you visit.

New methods of web design with new and better tools are showing up all the time. This site is devoted to trying to keep abreast of the ones that work and produce usable results. Keeping the emphases on free, no cost and low cost.

The programs I mention in my pages have all been tested by me and were downloaded free of spam, spyware and viruses. I am not able to guarantee that the sites I have linked to have not been cracked and in other ways compromised so please be sure to use your anti-virus software, ad blockers and run your spyware killers often anytime you surf the web.

I have found that digital art is interesting to me even though I am not a master. Some may even say I am not even good. However I have created some scenes I am proud of and they will be found among these pages. In time I will add tips about how I created them.

This site is not hosted on a free server as some of the things I want to do are easier having my own domain. How ever the software used to create the pages and their content was produced with either free software or inexpensive software. At this point I believe the only software I have used to create something on these pages that was not free was done with PaintShop Pro which was purchased online for less than $30.

Bandwidth Theft

Linking to images or other content on a site that is not yours is called Bandwidth Theft by the process of Hot Linking. This is considered very wrong and can cost the website's owner money and in some cases cause the site to be shut down. It is also not a safe practice as you can never be sure that the image didn't get changed and maybe the content you hot linked to and placed on your site is now something illegal, like pornography.

There are ways to get legal and good content for your site. You will find some here and links to even more. The content on my site is all copyright protected but by following a few simple terms and conditions you can use almost every thing you find here free of cost. Since there is a limit on bandwidth from my server (which in some manner is limitted by all host I have heard of) I am concerned about this topic.

How to link to content and how not to link to them....
You may not link directly content found on this site. All content must be downloaded to your hard drive. Then uploaded to your website server. If you link directly to any site with out permission, you are committing Bandwidth Theft.

Learn more about bandwidth theft at:
What is Bandwidth

For backgrounds your background tag should look like this:
<BODY background=[your web server image location] image.jpg>

but NOT like this:
<BODY background=[my url]/images/image.jpg>

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