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Power of SimplyMEPIS Toolbar Panels by DonEc

SimplyMEPIS comes with the Desktop Environment KDE. This give you the ability to create toolbars that contain your popular links to different folders, applets and programs you have on your computer.

Examples include, for me,

Windows programs running under Wine are Quicken, TapeCalc, Convert, 3 different email address Obfuscator, FileZilla, Paint Shop Pro 7.4, GIF Movie Gear, xNview, Quake II, Zip Backup to CD and a home made slideshow.

Linux software K Color Chooser, K Snapshot, Showimg, K Ruler, GIMP, Quanta Plus, Thunderbird, Firefox, Swiftweasel, Opera, a desktop link to show a drop down list of things on my desktop, A drop down folder listing for my financial folder, OpenOffice Writer, OpenOffice Calc, AbiWord, K write, K Dictionary, K Jots, Guarddog, Gnome Partition Manager, Keep (a backup program), Ark, K control Center Settings and KPackage.

Those are across the top. I also have a panel on the right side of the desktop that shows the Storage media I have attached to my computer.

Along the bottom I have the regular Taskbar but I took most of the items out of it to make room for the listing of windows I have open. I placed the items on another toolbar that when I go to the bottom edge of my screen the toolbar with the Taskbar items popup giving me access to them.

That is a lot of items that would take time and clicks to go to the start button / K menu and move to the proper group selection and then to the proper item and click on it. With the Toolbar panels all I have to do is move to the proper place on the screen and the icon appears for me to click on. It works great.

To add a panel I right click on the task bar or any toolbar and select Add a New Panel and the select the type of panel you want from the list I used all the same type of panel for my panels. When the new panel appears I either drag and drop the icons I want or add them via different methods like right clicking on the panel and selecting the item from the listing or creating the link via the available selections. Next I right click on the panel and select Configure Panel. This opens a window for controlling and setting the aspects of the panel you choose to work on. That's about all there is to it.

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