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Safer images using GIMPshop

Visual Example:

Top image is what the stolen image looks like.


Visual image for repair below.

Me at work

Finished image below.

Me at work

You can create safer images using the free program GIMPshop by "creating a layer" on top of the image and placing the text "Stolen" in large enough letters to ruin the image on a new and empty layer. Select the move tool and move the text to the location you want and so it will ruin the image the most (see "Visual Example" top image right). Now right click on the text and "under layer" select "discard text information". Now use the color selection tool and click on the text, this should select all the text. Use the layer panel/window to select the original image layer and copy the selected portion of the image. Then paste it as a new image for later use (see "Visual Example" middle image right). Go back to the original image and create another layer. If the text is still highlighted then go back to the new image you pasted and copy it. Go back to the image with "stolen" written on it, right click on it and select paste "into" from the edit menu. This places your pasted image into the highlighted area and should make the word "stolen" disappear. If the text was not highlighted then the pasted image will not be in the right place and you will need to use the move tool to move it until it hides the text. Then right click on the text and under layer select anchor layer. Almost done. Right click and copy the top layer then paste it as a new image. Go back to the original image and delete the layer that has only the text leaving your image with the word "stolen" on it. Next and this is important save the images with the names you want but be sure the image containing just the word Stolen is named an obscure name that doesn't match in anyway to the image, maybe you could use just numbers. This way when some one saves the whole page to get your image they will only find the image that says "Stolen" on it. This can be gotten around with enough work but it does make it harder. You can keep them from using print screen and copying your image by adding "Copyright Protected" and or a visible watermark in a place that is visible but does not obscure the image. Now to use these images on a web page place the image of the ruined image as the background of a table and insert the image with the multicolored word "Stolen" only in the table this should cause the image to look proper by hiding the word "stolen" (see "Visual Example" bottom image right).

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