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Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy

It is the policy of the owner of this site that any personal information aquired by the owner of this site will not be shared or kept unless the provider of said personal information has stated it is acceptable to do so. Some information may be aquired via such things as scripts that collect ip addresses to track visitors and such information will not be shared by the owner fo this site. However, what the owner of the server or the script does with such information is beyond the control of this webmaster.

The content of the pages within the website are copyright protected, but if you follow a few simple rules I will allow the free use of my content. With the exception of that content which is not mine but only displayed on my site and any of my content that has been otherwise noted as not being free or is considered restricted. Example: my digital art is restricted and so may not be copied or used in any manner with out my written permission for each instance.

To display or use the allowed content of the website the following rules must be adhered to.

1. A link on your site back to my site.

2. Inform me of where the content is used so I have the opportunity to place a link to your site showing it's usage. Return link is subject to the following conditions.

The content of the site is legal, contains no material or link to material that is grossly offensive to the web community (this includes but is not limited to: blatant expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred or profanity) and of a type that will not detract from my website ratings.

3. You must find a way to help someone have a free presence on the web.

4. I test my graphics, scripts, programs and other items before publishing them. However, I accept no liability or responsibility regarding quality, accuracy or anyone's use of what is taken from my site, and I provide no guarantees. My content and information are simply provided a community service whether there is a charge or not. In using my free content you agree not to hold me responsible for any outcome you may have from it's use. I work hard to insure all items from my site are free of spam and viruses. For that reason I request that if you should ever find such things in anything you acquire from my site please inform me immediately so I can correct the situation.

Visitors and Web Sites

I have worked hard to provide information, of good quality for the personal use of my visitors only. All of my items and pages are copyright protected by Best Web Stop. This means that only direct visitors to my site, that follow the instructions in these Terms and Conditions may use, print or copy them and even then they are for my visitors own personal use only, not for resale.

Copyright law

For more information about copyright law, see He explains, that just because an item is provided for free, does not mean that it is not copyright protected. You may not post anything from Best Web Stop on the Internet without explicit permission. You may not HOT LINK to any page, content or graphic found in the website. (HOT LINKING is illegal, because it uses bandwidth that I have to pay for to display my pages, information, content or graphic on another site's page) If you wish to post a link to one of my pages, which sends a visitor to my site, that is permitted. I always appreciate referrals.

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