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Why should you build your own website?

1) You have complete control over the way the site works and looks.

2) You know how it was done so maintenance is easy and cost nothing.

3) You avoid being at the mercy of someone that speaks a language you do not.

4) You get the satisfaction of creating something. 5) You easily learn something new.

6) It is quite simple and totally free, if you use a free host and a sub domain name for your site.

7) You can still add all the Flash and Java you desire (I advise against using it, unless it will really help your site and your content).

8) You can let your creativity flow with Trellian WebPage and the programs referenced at DonEc Web. (Not so easy with pure HTML.)

 While it is true you can hire a professional to build you a website. Containing all kinds of Flash, Java and fancy attractions, this does not mean it will be useful. Searching the web you will find many professional sites that are missing key elements or contain design flaws. Like missing contact information, or Flash which causes the information on the screen to be non-readable at different resolutions. There are also many professionally done sites that are so full of links that you can't find your way around. The point is there so many things that can cause a site to be poorly made that even professionals create some bad sites. Sometimes this is because they are working so hard on getting the best quality of HTML that they miss the design quality. Also no matter how well the site is designed if the visitors connection is slow or if it is being routed through a slow connection the loading of the page will be slow. Does it really make sense to pay for these kind of sites? Doesn't it make more sense to build your own for free? I know you are possibly thinking, but I don't know how. Well that is why I created the site No Cost WebSites as a portion of DonEc Web. Trellian WebPage and the other products my site references are not the only way to get on the web. But I think they are the most inexpensive and easiest, for the features and the degree of control you have over your site. The down side is that you do not end up with a site that is pure clean HTML. One obvious flaw is Trellian WebPage places many excess font tags throughout the page. Is this a problem? I say NO. I have created 2 identical pages one with pure HTML and one with Trellian WebPage. Making the pure HTML page was difficult, no fun. The point is they were different only in the HTML source used to create the pages. Externally they looked and loaded identically. So why worry about a little extra or unusual code "as the purest do" if it doesn't effect the outcome? Comparing the quality and cost for "Professionally" created sites, to the sites you and Trellian WebPage can produce tells me in no uncertain terms that Trellian WebPage and the other free programs are the way to go especially for beginners. Of course if you learn some of the basics of HTML and learn to read it with a list of commands handy you will be able to fix most problems when they appear.

About the Author:

DonEc is the designer, creator and owner of Best Web Stop ( He has been working with computers since 1974 and been creating websites with WYSIWYG non-HTML web programs since 1992. He is retired and provides No Cost WebSite instruction via Best Web Stop as a service to people that want to have a totally free, no cost presence on the web or just want to avoid learning HTML. In some cases he has been known to build sites for a small fee if asked. However he requires the owner of the site to learn how to create a site so they can maintain the site themselves.

Copy and/or reproduction of this article is allowed as long as it is not altered in any way and the section "About the author" is kept with the article including these instructions. Article Copyright © 2004 by DonEc

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